Top 10 Disney Cruise Tips | Well, eleven tips and one bonus tip. So really twelve tips.

I never thought I was a cruise guy, but doing the Disney Cruise this year has changed my mind. My family and I had such a great time that we are doing it again next year ! It was totally worth every dollar we paid for it. And seeing how excited my kids were when … Continue reading

Mickey and Me

It’s time for a much needed vacation. The family and I will be living it up on a 4-day Disney Cruise to the Bahamas. This will be our first Disney Cruise. I don’t know a lot about Disney parks or cruises but I think it’ll be fun. Cigars by the pool with Mickey. Late night … Continue reading

Jamaica, Jamaica

Just wanted to share some pictures from my trip to Negril, Jamaica… by the way, I love Instagram! I believe it’s worth every cent Facebook is paying for it.