Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture | If Bobbito Garcia had a shoe museum it would look like this

I do have a bit of a love for shoes. To be honest my shoe collection would even make Carrie Bradshaw say “that guy’s got a problem”. (Yes, I just made a Sex in the City reference… so what?) I didn’t realize the full extent of the problem until the other day I caught myself … Continue reading

Baseball’s Opening Week by the numbers | Two Games, Two Losses, One Long Hangover

I love the traditions fans have around their favourite sports. As baseball traditions go my friends and I faithfully attend our beloved Blue Jays home opener each year. And it’s always one of the best days of the year. Around the league it’s the same, opening week in baseball is just a lot of fun. It signals … Continue reading

Comments ‘Not Elegantly Stated’

Where did the summer go? Don’t get me wrong, I love the change of seasons. I love fall clothes but I’m just not fond of fall weather and the summer just flies by. Its been a while since I’ve just sat down to write. So now that I have a few minutes I thought I’d catch … Continue reading

The Waist Coat

It’s March and Spring has arrived in Toronto! Can you believe it? It’s March! I want to add the waist coat to my Spring/Summer repertoire. I think it’s a smart look.

The New Men’s Shop at Club Monaco on Bloor Street

Club Monaco has launched a new men’s wear section at its Bloor Street location in Toronto. I’ve always thought that a men’s wear section should look and feel like a place a man would actually want to go. Somewhere a man would spend time in. Where he would feel comfortable trying on clothing and pick … Continue reading