Scotch Whisky | Is there any other way to celebrate Robbie Burns day

My lovely wife treated me to an evening of scotch tasting last week on Robbie Burns day. So I guess it comes as no surprise then that my favourite scotch of the night was the one named after the man of honour. Yes, the Robert Burns Arran Single Malt by Island of Arran Distillers was the smooth, … Continue reading

Comments ‘Not Elegantly Stated’

Where did the summer go? Don’t get me wrong, I love the change of seasons. I love fall clothes but I’m just not fond of fall weather and the summer just flies by. Its been a while since I’ve just sat down to write. So now that I have a few minutes I thought I’d catch … Continue reading

Cocktails anyone?

It really has been a long week. I need to get out of here and have a drink. Looking forward to watching some of  the Olympic coverage and spending time in the sun (fingers crossed). Have a great weekend blogosphere!


My objective is to be as cool and sophisticated as Vincent Cassel looks in this picture.

Beginning My Scotch Years

Over the years I’ve become quite a beer aficionado.  My palate has become much more sophisticated as I’ve sampled the great mico-brews in this region and fantastic imports available at the liquor store.  In every city I go to I have to try the local beer. I feel it rounds out my education in the … Continue reading