Money Talk | Let’s discuss Retirement Again

I’m afraid for the future. Not like I was afraid in 2008. The American economy is recovering and Europe will stabilize. Financial institutions will not make the same mistakes again. We won’t let them. What I’m afraid of are expectations for the future. The sense of entitlement that I see. The idea that there are … Continue reading

Money’s Hangover

“the only way not to think about money is to have a great deal of it.” From Edith Wharton’s 1905 novel “The House of Mirth” Life isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter if you are living pay-check to pay-check or if you are a millionaire. Everyone has problems. There’s a really interesting article on today about … Continue reading

Retirement savings: Tips for the late starters

I know this may be hard to believe but sometimes as I sit at my desk at work I day-dream about retirement. Traveling the world, escaping winter and enjoying the good life. Yes, I’ll surf through a couple of travel sites, look at vacation properties and think about all the wonderful place my wife and … Continue reading