{ forty-one }

Working hard every day. Trying to inspire and be inspired. I’m reflecting and looking forward today. Forty-one is another new beginning. And the Project continues… { forty-one }

Guest Post | Seasons

Like seasons in a year, Daniel Levinson, author of ‘The Seasons of a Man’s Life”, points out that men tend to develop along a certain developmental timeline as well. He goes on to say that there are four seasons of a man’s life: spring, summer, fall and winter. Though the seasons are not chronologically based, … Continue reading

Planning a night on the town?

The bank’s annual charity auction is coming up this month. It’s a great opportunity to dress up and hit the hottest after-parties in the Big Smoke. These sky-blue Pierre Hardy 910 loafers ($606 CAD) would be perfect for a night out.  

The Peacock Effect | Redefining The Middle-Aged Man

We need a broader definition of what being a man is. I remember a female friend of mine many years ago trying to figure me out. She came to the conclusion that I was either a player or gay. I didn’t fit into her predetermined box of manliness. Why? Because I dressed well. Can you … Continue reading

Day In | Day Out

This is by far some the best life advice I’ve ever heard. It’s the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College by David Foster Wallace. It’s brilliant. I had to share it.

There’s a-doings a-transpiring

Project 40 is about my vision of the man I want to be. Some have described it as a style blog and in some ways it is. I believe style is the outward expression of what’s inside of you. So to understand what your personal style is, the first step would be to understand what’s inside of … Continue reading

Dwyane Wade and my Benjamin Daedfyshe eureka moment

Picture it. Cambridge, Ontario. It was the night of my wedding, on an unusually warm fall night. One of my groomsmen after spending the day in an uncomfortable pair of dress shoes decided he is now ready to cut a rug and slips on a pair of sneakers. I wished I had thought of it. It … Continue reading

Sharper State of Mind | Revisiting my goals for the next decade

“The average man reaches the period of his greatest capacity to create between forty and sixty. The years between forty and fifty are as a rule the most fruitful. Man should approach this age, not with fear and trembling, but with hope and eager anticipation.”  Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich With the start of … Continue reading

I want to be more like Harvey Milk | Late Bloomers and Finding Your Special Purpose

The story of Harvey Milk is truly inspirational. Back in 1977 Harvey Milk became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in the United States. Eleven months into his first term on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, after passing a stringent gay rights ordinance for the city, Milk and Mayor … Continue reading

Abercrombie doesn’t make clothes for husky adult men. This is why I blog.

I read an article recently about the explosion of men’s style blogs and emergence of the male clothing shopper. Men’s fashion is a booming business. It’s become cool for men to pay attention to how they look. It makes sense, these style blogs allow us to window shop from the comfort of our own home or … Continue reading