Mo’s, Bros and Hip-Hop

Mo’s My friends and I are growing moustaches for Movember. It was important for me to participate this year, especially entering this stage of my life. At any age it’s important to get regular medical checkups, but for us in the 40+ club, the Prostate exam is an annual must. Movember is a fun way to raise funds … Continue reading

I remember back in my day…

I’m getting old. Back in my day, hip hop was a culture. Some of it good, some of it bad, but it was real. I can’t even listen to music anymore today. There was something good going on back then. It was a movement. It reached all parts of the planet. It reached Cambridge, Ontario … Continue reading

I Reminisce

Yup. At work the Friday before New Years Eve and I’m bored to death. In this totally bored state, for some reason my mind keeps drifting back to 1989. One of my best years. Everything came together that year… everything was just right. It was the golden age of hip hop, the late 80’s, early … Continue reading