Today we’re talking fit

In my continuing search for the end of the internet I found the picture below. I have another post prepared that I’ll publish later today. But I wanted to share this guide and it didn’t really fit with today’s post. So here it is, a great guide to a classic everyday suit cut, the ‘English … Continue reading

MILK Shirts – Nothing Beats a Fresh Pressed White Shirt and Dark Blue Jeans

I’m fascinated by MILK Shirts ( I’ve spent about 45 minutes flipping through their website after discovering it on Twitter yesterday. It’s the idea for a company that I wish I had. It’s so elegant in its simplicity. MILK makes white shirts. Hand crafted, high quality, white shirts. Perfect. Every man, especially, men our age … Continue reading

Dressing Your Age: Distressed Jeans

As they say 40 is the new 30 and when it comes to dressing, with a few age-appropriate alterations this decade can be a continuation of  your youthful past. Like you’ll hear me say many times in this blog style is very personal, but your personal style should grow and evolve just as you have. … Continue reading