Welcome to my shoe family Herring Chukka!

This week I welcome the Herring Chukka by Benjamin Daedfysch to my shoe family. I love the look the Herring Chukka. The herringbone tweed just looks smart in a chukka boot. Like the sage, old English college professor of shoes. Worldly and sophisticated. I can imagine it having long chats with my Chuck Taylors about … Continue reading

Don’t get me wrong. I love dress shoes!

I had an interesting discussion with my friend about my sneaker and suit post. The truth is some dress shoes are very comfortable. In fact some dress shoes are equally, if not more comfortable than sneakers. So I wanted to post about one brand that does it well. Cole Haan is one brand I can fully … Continue reading

Dwyane Wade and my Benjamin Daedfyshe eureka moment

Picture it. Cambridge, Ontario. It was the night of my wedding, on an unusually warm fall night. One of my groomsmen after spending the day in an uncomfortable pair of dress shoes decided he is now ready to cut a rug and slips on a pair of sneakers. I wished I had thought of it. It … Continue reading

My Ledbury shirts are here!

Nothing beats the excitement of checking the mail and finding a package addressed to you. And when that package contains three Ledbury shirts, it makes it that much sweeter. It’s no secret that I love Ledbury and it’s no secret why… the collars make the shirt. I may be over stating this, but the collar on a … Continue reading

A very brief and incomplete guide to pocket squares

This post is for you my amigo senor Steve Watkins who wanted to know more about folding pocket squares. Here you go buddy,  I hope you are enjoying your Ecuadorian adventure. Let me start out first by saying, the four folds discussed in the video above are the only folds I like. I’ve tried all … Continue reading

It’s almost time to place my shirt order…

It’s almost time to put in my Maxwell’s and Ledbury order for the new year. This time around I’m using Maxwell’s for all my dress shirts and Ledbury for my casual shirts.  I’ll share more about the specifics of my order later on. Today I wanted to share a style drawing guide I found for … Continue reading

How to Tie The Perfect Dimple

The tie dimple. One of those little style details that adds the perfect finishing touch. Invented by the Lord of Windsor in 1467… I’m joking. I don’t know the origins of the tie dimple. But I do know that it looks great. Here’s how tie a perfect dimple: Begin to tie your knot as you … Continue reading

Benjamin Daedfyshe Footwear giveaway closes December 17th

Just a reminder Benjamin Daedfyshe Footwear is giving away a pair of shoes! To win, simply ‘Like’ the Benjamin Daedfyshe Facebook page and fill out the entry form. You can also enter on Twitter by following @Daedfyshe and tweeting your favourite pair of Benjamins and your shoe size. Don’t forget to include #freebenjamins for your ballot to be counted. … Continue reading

For some reason I took it as a challenge…

I got this comment from my buddy Pat on the Abercrombie post last week. “I find Old Navy has a vast selection of XXL and XXXL, but what they have in quantity, I must admit they lack in quality. It’s hard to dress to impress if you’re buying a garbage bag full of clothes for $60.00!” … Continue reading

Abercrombie doesn’t make clothes for husky adult men. This is why I blog.

I read an article recently about the explosion of men’s style blogs and emergence of the male clothing shopper. Men’s fashion is a booming business. It’s become cool for men to pay attention to how they look. It makes sense, these style blogs allow us to window shop from the comfort of our own home or … Continue reading