Grey Pride | Part 2

Wow! My hair is really going grey now. I’m noticing it more and more each day. I like it, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes I’m a little self conscious about it.  So I’m posting some pictures of proud grey haired men as motivation and inspiration to all of us entering the club.

Cocktails anyone?

It really has been a long week. I need to get out of here and have a drink. Looking forward to watching some of  the Olympic coverage and spending time in the sun (fingers crossed). Have a great weekend blogosphere!

Yes, I talk to myself. But it’s just mind control. I’m not crazy. Really.

Oh yes my friends. I talk to myself all the time. But it’s positive self talk. Success can only be achieved with successful thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts come naturally, and sometimes we have to plant those seeds ourselves. Once again, I refer to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (yes, I’m reading it again) where … Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration


Every Passing Minute Is A Chance To Turn It All Around

Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around. I’ve misquoted this line from Vanilla Sky for years, but the message is the same. We all have the ability to change our lives and there is no time like the present. Turning 40 is a fresh start for me, but really it’s just … Continue reading

But time growing old teaches all things

My last post and my last day at work as a 39-year-old. The real Project 40 begins now…

Je Regarde | The Derby Show Shoe by Gucci

Places and Spaces

Happy Friday! I just wanted to share some random pictures I’ve collected of cool places and spaces.


My objective is to be as cool and sophisticated as Vincent Cassel looks in this picture.

I’m Window Shopping Today

There are now countless style blogs directed towards men. What I love about this is it gives me the opportunity to window shop from the comfort of my own home. What I hate about it is I can’t afford all the great stuff I see. Case in point… Michael Williams’ A Continuous Lean (, one … Continue reading