48 Things about me

Over the years I’ve shared many personal things about my life on this blog. But I’ve always kept a bit of a wall up, never revealing too much. That was until this past summer when I decided to share a post about my very personal history with racism. That changed things. I feel it’s time to tell you who I am and get more personal with the Project 40 readers by sharing a list of 48 things about me.

I got the idea for this list from a blog that I like to check in on from time to time, A Barbarian in Gentlemen’s Clothing.

Here it is 48 things about me:

  1. I’m 48 years old
  2. I’m married with two children (daughters) and I have two brothers
  3. I live in Toronto
  4. I work in finance
  5. I have an MBA and I’m a CFA charter holder
  6. My wife is a teacher
  7. I’ve always wanted a job where I would wear a suit every day
  8. I love traveling
  9. I love eating
  10. I love wine
  11. I’m 6 feet tall and 210lbs
  12. My goal as a blogger is to document my journey to financial independence
  13. Success, wealth creation and building a legacy is my definitive purpose in life
  14. I train in kickboxing and have dabbled in jiu-jitsu
  15. My favorite sport is basketball
  16. My favorite basketball team is the World Champion Toronto Raptors
  17. I also love football/soccer and my favorite team is Chelsea
  18. I enjoy reading. Think and Grow Rich is my favorite book
  19. The Godfather part II is my favorite movie
  20. I also love documentaries
  21. I’m a big picture thinker
  22. I love the sauna and steam rooms
  23. I enjoy a cigar now and then
  24. I love double breasted suits
  25. My style is more traditional, classic and preppy
  26. I enjoy reading the New York Times every day
  27. I’m an introvert with some extroverted tendencies
  28. I’m a positive, optimistic person
  29. I’m confident but always working to maintain it
  30. I believe in equality, but need to be more outspoken
  31. I hate paying taxes and bills (it had to be said)
  32. I love getting my haircut
  33. My favorite season is the summer
  34. My favorite season for clothing is the fall
  35. I like layering my clothing
  36. I only wear French cuff shirts with my suits and always with a pocket square… always.
  37. My father is from Ghana and my mother is from Jamaica
  38. My favorite place in the world is Negril, Jamaica
  39. I love double monk strap shoes
  40. The Air Jordan I is the best sneaker ever
  41. I want to be like Mike
  42. 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop (old school)is my go to music
  43. Disco is my guilty pleasure
  44. I also like old school R&B, Reggae, Funk and classic Rock
  45. Dark blue jeans and a white French cuff shirt will be my new post Covid19 uniform
  46. I’m still trying to figure out my summer casual style
  47. I’d rather be rich than famous
  48. I’m a deeply private person and opening up this way is always difficult. But, taking myself outside of my comfort zone is one of my “Golden Decade” objectives.

Thanks for reading this. Over the years I’ll add to this list as I learn and grow.


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