Five ways to stay motivated to reach your goals

How to stay motivated and on track
2020 has been challenging so far Here is how I will stay motivated and on track with my goals.

Setting goals, and monitoring my own progress is an embedded part of my daily routine, however, my birthday and the start of the new year have always been particularly reflective times for me. This year’s birthday in particular, was pivotal, as it marked the midway point of a new decade. A decade in which I’ve set enormous goals for myself. I’ve called it “The Golden Decade”- however, right out of the gate, barriers and obstacles have appeared at every turn, and it’s become clear that it will take everything I have to stay motivated and on track.

For me, like many of you, January 1st, 2020 inspired a very specific dream and goal. I wrote that goal down and got right to work making it a reality. Then, as it so happens with every other year, life just got in the way. This year it was a pandemic. Last year it was work. Maybe for you, it was credit card bills or car repairs. Over the years, these interruptions – big or small – have gotten in the way of all our goals. We think positively. We try to remain optimistic. But life punches us in the face, proving something that’s hard to admit. Our motivation to reach our goals has been easily stoppable.

As I reflect, I ask myself: “Do I really want that goal I was dreaming about on January 1st? If so, how bad do I really want it?”.

Well, six months into this decade, in the face of a global pandemic, I can say with tremendous resolve that I do want it that bad, and that I commit to being unstoppable.

This pandemic is asking you how bad you really want it.

Commit. Don’t stop, don’t quit. Be relentless.

In the next decade, life is going to ask you over and over again, “How bad do you really want this?”. It won’t ask nicely. Life is going to punch you in your face and knock you down.

You have to get up every single time.


Be unstoppable.

How do you do that? Here are five ways I plan to stay motivated.

  1. Have a Strong “Why” – I will continually ask myself why I started down this path. It is a great way of re-igniting the fire again.
  2. Visualize the End Result – I will see myself as being successful. Behave as if I am where I want to be, assuming the habits and behaviors of how I see myself
  3. Break Goals Down – I will break larger goals down into daily, weekly and monthly goals. I will celebrate each success and achievement
  4. Get Motivated by Others – I will access Mentors and role-models through podcasts, blogs, books, and music. I will tap into the energy and experience of others.
  5. Write Down Goals and Read Them Daily

Your dream is worth committing to. Seeing your goals through to the end is rewarding. Be unstoppable.

You can do this.

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