The power of your why – Refocusing in isolation

My goal is to come out of this situation better. More focused, more determined and more motivated. The first step in achieving this is reigniting that burning desire. The power of your why must be strong. Whether it’s career related, health and fitness or getting better at a hobby, finding your “why” and having a strong “why” is the key.

Let me explain what I mean by finding your “why”.

Have you ever experienced the power of purpose? For example, where you have been faced with a problem or obstacle and had to tap into your reserves. Digging deep down to overcome. Despite this crisis that required every ounce of determination and courage, more than you ever knew you had, you were able to be successful. Your mission was clear and your goal was compelling. There was a power of purpose. As a result, you didn’t just want to be successful, you needed to be successful. You had a burning desire to overcome. Your “why” drove you to success because your “why” was strong.

That burning desire is the key to success. The question, “why am I doing this?” has to have a compelling answer. However, you also need to remind yourself of your why often to keep focused on your goal.

The book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of my favorites and Project 40’s philosophy was developed from the lessons of this book. The lessons including finding that clear sense of purpose, that burning desire.

“I will take every opportunity to surround myself with images of what success means to me. Get brochures on new cars I desire; get magazines containing pictures of beautiful homes, beautiful clothes, well-toned bodies, and other things I will obtain as a result of achieving the success that I’m aiming for. Each time I see or visualize these images, it will trigger the thoughts, feelings and actions that make them materialize in my life. But, I won’t wish for them… that is day dreaming. I will think about them as absolute certainties in my future and focus on who I mush be today to achieve these icons of my future success.”

Sometimes I need to remind myself of these lessons because I always want to be focused on success. Taking some time to sit back and remind myself why I chose this path clears my mind of doubt and prepares me for the ups and downs I know are ahead.

These next weeks or months of social distancing, self isolation presents an opportunity to reset. Break out of a rut, develop new habits, find and redefine yourself.

I’m going to talk this opportunity to reread Think & Grow Rich, reignite my desire and shine a big spotlight on my “why”.


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