All you really need is a haircut and lengendary shoes

Retro Air Jordan 2
Retro Air Jordan 2

Some may feel that it’s the clothes that make the man. I think it’s a haircut and a great pair of shoes. Everything else just falls into place.

I’ve always felt that a fresh haircut was important.  A nice cut can be a source of confidence because when you look good you feel good. I truly believe that.  I remember back in high school I’d get my hair cut twice a week – once at the beginning of the week and then right before the weekend.  Getting my hair cut before a big game or an exam was always one of the final steps in my preparation. Now I’m more of a once a week or once every other week guy.  With the all-important cut before a big meeting, business trip or date night with my wife.

As for the shoes, I’ll let the legendary shoes in this video do the talking.


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