Strong start to 2014

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I’m starting this year off strong.

Usually at the beginning of a new year I look to correct the course my life has been on over the past 12 months. My ‘resolutions’ are typically the same as anyone else’s at that time of year – Join a gym, lose some weight, save more money and update my wardrobe.

But last year, particularly the last 6 months of 2013 I’d been on a roll. I changed my whole lifestyle. I lost a bunch of weight, changed my diet and had a consistent workout schedule.

This year I have tried to continue what I started while adding a couple lifestyle changes that will make a difference to my mental and physical well-being.


  1. Wake up early and work out

I’ve been doing this regularly for the last 10 months. It’s been a great way to start my day, especially the really stressful, hectic days.


  1. Take an hour out of each day to think/meditate

An hour is a bit ambitious. It may only be 10 or 15 minutes some days, but a little time to focus on mind and body provides the daily boost I need.


  1. Make a to-do list and do it – now!

There are a lot of things I’ve been putting off. It’s time to get that weight off my shoulders. I never have a problem making the to-do list. I’ve made one already. The ‘do it now’ part is usually the issue. I’m going to change that starting now – today – I mean it.


  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fruit instead of a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. Mixed vegetables instead of french fries at lunch. I’ve made a lot of lifestyle changes in 2013 that have continued with this year.


  1. Keep a journal (one that’s hand written)

Whether it’s writing down goals, thoughts that pop in my head or ideas for blog post, I find it better to write things down on paper. I’m old fashioned that way I guess.


  1. Set short term goals

To keep me motivated and moving forward, this year along with my annual goals I’m also going to set short term (weekly, monthly, quarterly) goals.


  1. Get an eye mask

This year I’m trying to sleep sounder… not sure that’s a real word.


  1. Post one inspirational picture to Project Empire weekly.

The purpose of Project Empire is to keep me focused. I need to focus on being focused.


  1. Spend alone time with my wife once a month

I feel like I never get to do the things I really love because everyday life stuff gets in the way. I need to prioritize the ‘quality of life’ activities that make the days and weeks more fulfilling, like spending time with my wife.


  1. Spend alone time with me once a month

This is another quality of life activity that needs to move up my priority list.


These aren’t major changes to my lifestyle. Just small adjustments to improve the quality of life.  It feels nice to start the year off on the right track. I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

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