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My goals for the year are pretty straight forward. Basically in a nutshell I want to:

Train like an athlete.

Eat like a nutritionist.

Sleep like a baby, and

save like a financial planner.

I’m not doing too bad. But so far it’s been a little more like:

Train like a semi-pro athlete.

Eat like an Arizona State C+ nutrition student.*

Sleep like a colicky baby, and

save like 1980’s Mike Tyson.**

You see it’s a work in progress. That’s all I’m trying to say… I’ll keep you updated.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada and have a great long weekend!

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* My apologies to the Arizona State School  of Nutrition, it’s faculty, alumni and students. I’m Canadian and have no idea if your school is good or not. I just heard somewhere that it was one of the top party schools in America.

Go Sun Devils!

** Could be worse. To my credit at least I haven’t been spending like 1980’s Michael Jackson.

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