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I have some exciting news!

I’m honoured to announce that I have received the Sunshine Blogging Award from the good people at Attire Club!

The Sunshine Blogging Award is awarded to bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogging world.

It’s quite an honour. Thank you Attire Club.

As a recipient of the award, I have been asked to respond to some personal interview questions. Rather than use the standard questions I’ve decide to give you a more in-depth view of my life behind the scenes of Project 40.

The Man: I hate to be placed in a box. I’m more complex than that. My personal style is part English Gentleman and part Classic Americana. I think respect, manners, humility and courtesy never go out of style.

Age: 41

Domain: Toronto

Vocation: Investment Banker, Aspiring Professional Basketball Player (Its time to break the age barrier… I just have to get down to my playing weight)

N.B.A. Championships: 0 (but I’ve watched quite a few…)

Moonlighting: Blogger, Whiskey Aficionado

Best kept secret: I take at least three showers per day. Yes I like to smell good, but I think I may be entering OCD territory on this one.

The Condo: I grew up in the suburbs, but spent most of my adult life in downtown Toronto. When my youngest daughter was born, we moved uptown. I love the atmosphere there. It’s not quite a suburb, but our building is tucked away in a ravine. That gives a quiet green space with the feel of being outside of a big city.

Grooming obsession, part I: I love getting my hair cut. Few things in the world feel better than a fresh-cut.

Grooming obsession, part II: Ever since I can remember I’ve loved body wash, lotions and powders. Once again, I like to smell good. I’m really enjoying the new Dove body products for men.

Shoe obsession: I know I talk a lot about Benjamin Daedfyshe, but I think they make the best and most versatile sneaker out there right now. I often see guys walking around downtown in casual Friday gear and think “that outfit would look so much better with a pair of Daedfyshe.”

Collections: Not sure if this qualifies as a collection but I have more watches than I care to admit. Every time I visit New York I come back with a watch (or two).

Prized possession: My class ring from grad school has somehow turned into a lucky ring.  It’s not because something remarkable happened while I was wearing it. I have just convinced myself that it’s lucky. I’m not terribly superstitious but in this odd way I am. I wear my lucky ring everyday at work, when I’m traveling, and when I’m driving. I know. It’s weird.

Fashion police: I’ve had my own fashion miscues in the past, so I don’t want to be overly judgemental. It’s just sometimes casual Friday can be such a gong show. I think my biggest pet peeve is baggy dad jeans, untucked dress shirt and double-breasted suit jacket.

Guilty pleasure: Chicken wings. I don’t like sweets and I’m not a big fan of potato chips. But chicken wings are my weakness. I try to fight the urge and save them for special nights out with friends. But it’s an everyday struggle. I could go for a pound or two right now!

Favourite at-home activities with the family:

1) Reading before bedtime with the kids

2) Playing “little people” on the floor (again, with the kids)

3) Making family breakfast on the weekends

4) Watching the kid’s favourite movies together

5) Watching Saturday Night Live in bed with my wife.

So, now to bestow the Sunshine Blogging Award upon the bloggers who inspire me:

Steven W Watkins

Well Dressed Dad

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