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As a Canadian I know how it feels to be overlooked. Canada is seen as friendly, safe and very cold. It’s not really the description of a sexy travel destination. But we love it here and Canadian’s take a lot of pride in our country. So I know the thoughts and feelings that lead to the launch of Flyover Press. Our neighbours south of the border in the American Midwest are proud of where they come from but are often overlooked by the rest of the country. Our friends at Great Lakes Prep seek to change all that. They have launched an Indiegogo campaign for Flyover Press. Their vision is for Flyover Press to become a full line of products for Midwesterners to show their pride in where they come from. Right now the brand will begin by creating letterpress posters and t-shirts for the region.

The campaign seeks to raise $2000 to cover the cost of printing the first three posters, the production of t-shirts, the web site and koozies (yup… koozies… what better way to rep the Midwest than beer koozies!).

For more information or to pledge your support, check out the campaign page <>

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