Guess what? I like bourbon!

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A funny thing happened the other day. Someone actually called me cool. That brings the official count of people who think I’m cool up to five(1).

Okay, to be perfectly honest they were talking about the blog and yes, it is pretty cool.

Anyway, they thought this cool blog and its cool blogger might be interested in trying out some premium bourbon. (Easy sell to a whiskey drinker I know… you can see they’ve done their research) So this week I tried Knob Creek bourbon for the first time and it turns out I like it. A lot.

I don’t know a lot about bourbon, but this being Project 40, I’m committed to learning more about it now and sharing that knowledge with you.

So we have a new partnership. Project 40 will write a few posts this year for the Knob Creek Brothers of Bourbon site ( and along the way I’ll share my Kentucky Bourbon journey on this blog.


(1)   The “official” count is actually one. Excluding friends and family, this is the first person since I’ve hit 35 that has called me cool.

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