Welcome to my shoe family Herring Chukka!

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This week I welcome the Herring Chukka by Benjamin Daedfysch to my shoe family.

I love the look the Herring Chukka. The herringbone tweed just looks smart in a chukka boot. Like the sage, old English college professor of shoes. Worldly and sophisticated.

I can imagine it having long chats with my Chuck Taylors about George Bernard Shaw. My Chucks would nod politely, like they were following along. But really they have no idea what Herring is talking about. They just like being around such a smart boot.

My Mr. B. brogues would get it. They socialize in the same circles. They are both old world with a hip edge. They would enjoy debates about Keynesian economics and modern high finance.

But the exchanges over geo-politics between the Herring Chukka and my Puma flip-flops will be heated. I can’t imagine the care-free, devil-may-care attitude of the flip-flops will sit well with conservative herringbone. But don’t underestimate how flexible Herring is. In fact, I just know the Herring will get on famously with my black jeans, white buttoned down and grey blazer. I can’t wait to make that introduction.

Yes, I’ve waited awhile for these boots. I’m a little obsessed.

There is something about tweed that gets me every time.

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