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Project 40 is about my vision of the man I want to be.

Some have described it as a style blog and in some ways it is. I believe style is the outward expression of what’s inside of you. So to understand what your personal style is, the first step would be to understand what’s inside of you.

I see Project 40 as a lifestyle blog, a combination of my life and my style. In my posts I seek to understand what’s inside of me. To work on and improve my areas of weakness, while building on and sharpening my strengths. Self-improvement and being comfortable in my own skin is the ultimate goal.

So after reading Quiet I decided to write a post about being an introvert. I’m an introvert and over the years I’ve become more and more comfortable with who I am and with the label “introvert”. But I still absolutely hate when people confuse quiet with shy, so I had to post about it. The response to that post was amazing and the outpouring of comments and stories from fellow introverts continues to amaze me.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I always find it interesting which post get the most attention. Being a numbers guy I spend a lot of time studying the blog’s visitors and views statistics. Introvert Spring in the last 7 days has already become Project 40’s  most viewed post of all time.

I’d like to thank all of those bloggers and readers who have sent me comments and emails. I love the feed back. I love that this post has fired some people up and caused some people to review their thoughts and assumptions.

Maybe this is the beginning of an Introvert Spring.

Thanks for reading!

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