Dwyane Wade and my Benjamin Daedfyshe eureka moment

Picture it.

Cambridge, Ontario.

It was the night of my wedding, on an unusually warm fall night. One of my groomsmen after spending the day in an uncomfortable pair of dress shoes decided he is now ready to cut a rug and slips on a pair of sneakers.

I wished I had thought of it.

It makes sense right? Dress shoes can kill your feet, especially after a long day of standing or walking. So why not add a little comfort to your suit.

I’ve thought about it ever since my wedding. But my eureka moment came last week when President Obama welcomed the Miami Heat to the White House and Dwyane Wade showed up in a light grey suit and a pair of Christian Louboutin Golfito leather sneakers. It was a sweet look.

The only problem is pairing sneakers with a suit can be tricky. A lot depends on having the right shoe.

Benjamin Daedfyshe definitely makes shoes that pair well with suits. I suggest making the Daedfyshe online store your first stop.

In my opinion the the Marlin Mocha or Sebastian Noir pair up extremely well with neutral colour suits. But the bolder Sebastian Ruby or Ivory would stand out at a summer wedding. (That’s just a subtle heads up to my wife… I will be wearing sneakers to the summer weddings I go to this year.)

Sweet ruby red!

Sweet ruby red!



Balancing the outfit with a pocket square that complements your sneakers and tie is the perfect finishing touch.

Finally, it takes an element of confidence to pull this off. I think it’s a great look. A bit casual but still dressed up. Wear it with confidence. If  Dwyane Wade can meet the President in sneakers and a suit, you can rock this look to a wedding or work.

I will.

My sneaker of choice would have been a Daedfysh... but thank you D. Wade for showing me how it's done.

My sneaker of choice would have been a Daedfysh… but thank you D. Wade for showing me how it’s done.

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3 Responses to “Dwyane Wade and my Benjamin Daedfyshe eureka moment”
  1. I’m a fan of low profile tennis shoes with casual suiting, the trend of chunky space shoes with suits boggles me

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