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My lovely wife treated me to an evening of scotch tasting last week on Robbie Burns day. So I guess it comes as no surprise then that my favourite scotch of the night was the one named after the man of honour.

Yes, the Robert Burns Arran Single Malt by Island of Arran Distillers was the smooth, never chill filtered drink that caught my fancy last week.

Named after the famous Scottish poet, this whiskey has the seal of approval from the World Burns Federation – an organization which is dedicated to the life and work of Robert Burns.

Here are my tasting notes:

Colour: As a fairly novice scotch drinker the colour caught me by surprise. It’s a very pale yellow/gold almost like the colour of a white wine. I had never seen a scotch that was so light in colour.

Alcohol: 40%

Nose: There is definitely a fresh vanilla, fruity nose, which is not usually my preference. However, it worked for me with this whisky.

Finish: The taste is citrusy and sweet with a very slight hint of peat. Once again, this isn’t usually my preference. I’m usually drawn to very smoky, very peaty flavours. But this was refreshing with a smooth finish.

Overall: A great value at $42, the Robert Burns Arran Single Malt was the perfect introduction to a medium bodied scotch. It’s very easy drinking and contains some aromas and flavours I’m just not used to in whisky. Thus providing an interesting experience for both well seasoned and novice scotch drinkers.

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