A very brief and incomplete guide to pocket squares

This post is for you my amigo senor Steve Watkins who wanted to know more about folding pocket squares. Here you go buddy,  I hope you are enjoying your Ecuadorian adventure.
I love this picture. Perfect dimple, perfect pocket square.

I love this picture. Perfect dimple, perfect pocket square.

  • Let me start out first by saying, the four folds discussed in the video above are the only folds I like. I’ve tried all of them, they’re very easy to fold and I think the video does a great job explaining how to do it. I’m not a fan of the really fancy folds I sometimes see men sporting. Keep it simple I say.
My favorite fold is the Traditional, worn very well by style icon Nick Wooster.

My favorite fold is the Traditional, worn very well by style icon Nick Wooster.

  • As a general rule your pocket square should compliment your shirt and tie. But it should never be an exact match to your tie. Never, ever. Never. Ever.
New Picture (1)

The pocket square compliments the shirt and the tie without being an exact match of either.

  • Pocket squares are made from either linen or silk. I prefer linen because it makes a very crisp basic folds like the Traditional and Pesko fold. Silk pocket squares are best for the fancier folds. From what I hear Thai silk is highly recommended because it holds the fold better.

New Picture (3)

  • White pocket squares match everything. There is a reason why everyone loves the clothes worn on the TV show Mad Men. It’s classic and simple, just like the white pocket square.
New Picture (3)

You can’t go wrong with a white pocket square.

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11 Responses to “A very brief and incomplete guide to pocket squares”
  1. Well, how much do I love this mi amigo???? Muy bueno!!!!! I truly love this and learned from it too. You mean all these years I’ve made the unforgivable faux paus of having a matching pocket square and tie??? It makes perfect sense though. The pocket square should be complimentary. Not sure how many of these I’ll be sporting in Latin America, but you never know! Thanks for the shout-out my friend to the North!!!! Hasta luego!

    • Project40 says:

      Glad you found it useful!

      Don’t worry about wearing pocket squares down there. You enjoy the weather. I’d gladly exchange suits and winter jackets for shorts and flip flops right now… it’s cold up here!

  2. Reblogged this on stevenwwatkins and commented:
    An as-usual sophisticated post by a blogging buddy to the North. He’s answered one of my long-sought questions on pocket square style.

  3. And your second photo leads me to ponder another style question …. when is it cool to go sans socks, and then again, when does it make you look like an idiot?

    • Project40 says:

      Personally, I’ll go sockless in loafers and running shoes, with jeans or shorts, but not much else… Nick Wooster is more adventurous and fashion forward than I am though. I guess it really comes down to how comfortable you feel and how good you think you look.

      • littlebennet says:

        Can I add something from a female’s perspective?

        I second the sockless for loafers, but sock-yes for everything else. Okay mayyyybe Oxfords too, but depends on which style.

        But I totally agree with the second half of the comment, it will depend on your personal instincts and how you feel.

  4. RE Atwood says:

    Excellent post…keep up the great work! True story: In a jam recently, I had to employ a bowtie as a pocket square. I was very guarded about it and kept it very low profile, but happen to think that I pulled it off quite well.


  5. Reblogged this on The Contemporary Gentleman and commented:
    I haven’t spoken much on pocket squares, but Project40 makes some very legitimate connections that will help one get started on their handkerchief game. Pocket squares are never a bad idea, so get comfortable with them, and make them work for you – a sharper and more interesting you.

  6. Project40 says:

    Those are some very fine pocket squares! With one simple accessory a great suit can be amazing… I’m not sure why more men don’t wear them.

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