I’m afraid I may be the Stringer Bell of finance

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Warning: This post may only make sense to real nerds like me who are in love with HBO’s series The Wire.

I’ve always thought that I would use the knowledge that I’ve gained from my career in finance to springboard my other interests. You know, make some money grinding it out on Bay Street while working away on a blog and investing in small businesses. Eventually leaving Bay Street behind to run my blog-based empire.

But what if I’m the Stringer Bell of finance.

Stringer was always trying to get out of the game to become a legitimate business man. But legitimate business men only saw Stringer as a gangster.

I wonder if the label of “just a finance guy” will follow me everywhere I go, just as gangster followed Stringer.

Really I’m not that concerned about being accepted. I’m pretty confident in my abilities.

What really concerns me is not if I’m the Stringer Bell,  but what if I’m the Marlo Stanfield of finance and I’ve just been in the game too long to leave it.

Food for Wire nerd thought.

By the way, I love The Wire.

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