How to Tie The Perfect Dimple

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The tie dimple. One of those little style details that adds the perfect finishing touch.

Invented by the Lord of Windsor in 1467…

I’m joking. I don’t know the origins of the tie dimple. But I do know that it looks great.

Here’s how tie a perfect dimple:

Begin to tie your knot as you normally would. With your partially completed knot  place both thumbs just below the knot underneath the wide end of the tie with your forefinger resting directly above it.

Pull down on the tie briefly and you will find the tie will start to form a dimple which it will continue to do as your knot becomes tighter.

Gently push the knot towards your collar with one hand holding the knot and dimple in place with the other hand holding the narrow end of the tie in place. You will find the knot appearing fresher and needing fewer adjustments.

Now go out and share your handsomeness with the world.

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