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In my continuing search for the end of the internet I found the picture below.

I have another post prepared that I’ll publish later today. But I wanted to share this guide and it didn’t really fit with today’s post.

So here it is, a great guide to a classic everyday suit cut, the ‘English Cut’.

It’s a great cut for the middle-aged man.

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    • Ha ha… guess that’s what happens when you get dressed too quickly. Rule #5423 – Always allow for an extra 15 minutes in the morning to make sure you have socks on.

    • I too, do not dig this sock-less trend. Thing is though, us girls do this ALL. THE. TIME.

      I think it’s okay to go bare feet for loafers, boat shoes, flip-flops (ha!), but any other type of shoes for men just doesn’t seem right without socks!

      I’d like to be proven wrong though.

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