A Revitalized You | Reviving Your Image

I watched an interesting HBO documentary with my wife the other day, called Hard Times: Lost on Long Island. The movie was about unemployment, particularly long-term unemployment in America.

As I watched these middle-aged professionals struggling to regain employment in their chosen fields it reminded me of a post I wrote last year on reviving your image and first impressions. There are so many people our age out there searching for work for the first time in many years. The competition for jobs is younger and hungrier.  Looking sharp, being sharp and paying attention to your personal brand are very important topics in these times.

I’m going to focus more on these topics over the next few months.

First Impressions | Reviving Your Image

First impressions are very important. We all get a first impression from a new person that creates a mental image of his or her personality in our minds. Your first impression is like a digital picture. A head to toe image of you that is instant, more or less permanent and can affect the relationship that follows. The picture captures important elements of the truth in a fleeting moment. Our life experiences and education lead us to draw conclusions based on this picture and we draw on this first impression when meet the person again.

To revive your image you first need to think about what type of first impression you would like to leave. When people draw on their mental picture of you, how do you want that picture to look?

Visualize how a great first meeting would unfold. See and hear yourself being great. How will you dress – how will you sound – what will you say. How will it feel at this meeting? See yourself smiling, being positive, open and having a great time. See the excellent outcome in your mind.

A great first impression creates a positive image in the minds of the new people you meet. But it all begins with the vision of yourself.


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