Mo’s, Bros and Hip-Hop

The Jodhpur polo team, c. 1898
My friends and I are growing moustaches for Movember.
It was important for me to participate this year, especially entering this stage of my life. At any age it’s important to get regular medical checkups, but for us in the 40+ club, the Prostate exam is an annual must. Movember is a fun way to raise funds and awareness for men’s heath. The funds raised in Canada go to support not only prostate cancer but male mental health initiatives across the board.

This is a funny one for me. I’m a strong supporter of the clean-shaven face. Partly from an aesthetic prospective and partly from sheer jealousy. I’ve posted about it in the past. ( Shave Already – March 14, 2012)  As you may remember my face is follically challenged. In other words, I can’t grow a beard. But for 30 days in November, my friends and I are doing our part and growing (or trying to grow) the finest moustaches in all the land. Wish my face luck.

For more info check out the Movember and Sons site.


Well Mo Bros, this month isn’t just about prostate cancer and raising money. Movember is about getting your a** to the doctor.

Men are less likely to schedule a doctor appointment for an annual physical. Less likely to learn about health risks and family history of illness. And less likely to discuss mental health issues with friends, family and health practitioners.

Nothing says bro quite like a friendly polo match.

Movember is a reminder to get that growth on your leg that looks like young Elvis checked out by a professional. It won’t be funny when he grows to be fat Elvis, trust me. It’s also a reminder to talk to someone about the voices in your head. Especially if you are answering back. Most important, it’s a reminder to  get on the phone and schedule a physical. This may require reintroducing yourself to your family doctor, but it’s always fun meeting new people, again.

Seriously, on average men live four to five years less than women. With my luck those will be the years the Maple Leafs win five straight Stanley Cups. I’m not willing to miss out on that, so I’m getting my a** to the doctor.

The Idar Polo Challenge Cup at Mount Abu c. 1910

Finally, to my 40-year-old Mo Bros, at this year’s physical along with the prostate exam, make sure you have the follow tests performed:

  • Exercise stress testing – this looks at how the heart performs under exertion and it should be performed once you turn 40, or if you have coronary risk factors.
  • Physical cancer exam – this should be performed yearly – ensure that skin cancer checks are included.
  • Dental checkups – should also be performed yearly to ensure that teeth are in good condition.
  • Height/weight measurements – this should be performed regularly to ensure that you are in the recommended healthy weight zone and that your weight has not been fluctuating abnormally. (Wish me luck on this one..)
  • Blood pressure – should be checked yearly to ensure that hypertension is not occurring.
  • Stool sample – this checks for occult blood in the faeces and should be performed every year or two from the age of 40. (Okay, no jokes… this is important)
  • Vision checks – this includes checks for glaucoma and should be performed every one to two years.
  • Cholesterol – should be checked at least every three to five years from the age of 40.
  • Blood sugar – diabetes often goes undiagnosed so a blood sugar test every three to five years is vital.
  • Colonoscopy – this can often wait until a person reaches 50 years of age but people that have a history of colon cancer or other risk factors should have a colonoscopy at the age of 40. (Now this one I may put off ten years… I can’t have all the fun in my 40s))
  • Vaccinations – at the age of 40, it is important to check that all of your vaccinations are up to date.

Let’s raise some money, raise our awarenes and get healthy.


Now, on a lighter note, my little hip-hop is all grown up now. I’m so proud.

“Hip-hop was a genre that made it cool for guys to care about what they’re wearing.” Eugene Tong, Style Director at Details

I always wondered what hip-hop would look like when I got older. Would it mature with me or would I leave it behind as a grew up. At times I lost hope that hip-hop was growing up. This article in the New York Times has restored my hope.

(click here to read the NY Times article)

Hip-hop fashion which was once defined by big logos and baggy jeans, has evolved into more traditional tailored clothing with an edge.Mentioned in the article is one of my favourite designers Ouigi Theodore of The Brooklyn Circus.

Check out BKC at –

I think the clothing made by The Brooklyn Circus is a great example of how hip-hop has grown up.

Congratulations to The Brooklyn Circus. Hard work and great clothes will always be recognized.

Congratulations to Hip-Hop. You may not have grown old gracefully, but you look great now.



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