Patrick | Goal Number 1

It’s a Gymnasium “don’t call me Gym” Bag by Lacoste

So here’s the deal I made with Pat. If you post your goals for the year on Project 40, I’ll post mine, verbatim. Just as I wrote them down on July 9th.

We’ll both be putting ourselves out there. But it’s a good way to be held accountable.

We’re going all in!

Below is Pat’s first installment. Goal #1 –

Lacoste Gymnasium Duffel Bag – US$139.99

7 days and counting! 7 days left to say goodbye to my 30’s. 7 days left to be the old me….but wait!

I am eager to embrace the new, more mature and focused me.

So I got a head start on Goal #1.

Yesterday, I joined a gym. Let’s call it an early birthday present to myself.

Goal #1 is an easy one for me.

I love food.

I love to cook good food.

I love to create and experiment with new foods and dishes.

But most of all, I like to EAT good food!

This has had an adverse effect upon my body (that and my love for beer).

So, the way I see it, I have two choices:

1: Stop eating the aforementioned good food….or

2. Do something to offset the effects of enjoying good food.

Choice #1 is not really a choice at all. To sacrifice good food, I’d have to stop cooking good food and when I explain my other goals, you’ll see why I can’t stop cooking.

So Goal #1 is to get active, to work out on a regular basis and to get back to playing basketball, the sport I played throughout my high school and College years.

I have never been an Adonis, so I’m not kidding myself, I have no aspirations of being a body-builder or of competing in the Iron Man. I DO want to look a little better

for my Lady and for myself, I DO want to feel better physically and mentally, and I DO want to offset my love of food and beer without sacrificing them totally.

Next time I’m in the States I’m picking this up.

The gym has a house basketball league which I intend to join. Again, no aspirations of being LeBron James or Derrick Rose, but just to compete and have a good time.

This very morning I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30am. I went to the gym and spent 40 minutes shooting hoops in the gym by myself. I went upstairs to the main floor

and spent an hour on the treadmill. Nothing too aggressive, 4 miles at a comfortable pace, but I cared not that the woman beside me was running 5 times as fast and

didn’t seem to break a sweat. I am content to take my time and ease into this so as not to look at the gym as punishment but instead to look at it as a time for me to reflect

and clear my head.

I am an early riser and I look forward to hitting the gym for a little workout before work in the mornings. So that’s Goal #1. Stay tuned for my next goal and I’ll keep you

updated on  my progress with #1.


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