Club or Country? Beckham could teach some NBA players a thing or two

Shopping at RRL on Melrose Ave after being left off of the GB Olympic team.

Club or country?

Every four years it’s the same question. Do you rest in the summer and prepare for the upcoming season or represent your country in the Olympics, risking injury for free.  In North America and especially the NBA it seems the question really boils down to pay check or country and pay check usually wins.

But for some reason soccer is different.

David Beckham is legitimately upset at being left off of the Great Britain Olympic soccer team.

And I like him even more now because of it.

How many NBA players choose not to take part in the Olympics or suggest they should be compensated for representing their country? I won’t name any names, but there is a certain player in South Florida who thought a part of jersey sales should go to the players. You’re rich already. Why not just play for national pride?

Then there is sports multi-millionaire, David Beckham. Desperately wanting to represent England one more time.

Am I wrong or do we need more athletes with that attitude on this side of the Atlantic.

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