Vote Yes to Proposition 40 – My Plan for the Next 40

~ JFK ~
I almost feel like this has been a year-long campaign. For what, I’m not sure.
About a year ago, I started thinking about writing a blog about the journey to my 40th birthday. It’s turned into more than that. It’s become a vision for the future.
In this blog I’ve been laying out my plan to be a better person in the next decade and now it’s almost time to deliver.
On my birthday, the rubber hits the road. I will get another 40 (plus) year mandate…. God willing.
Now what will I do with it?
I’m not sure whose hands I need to shake or what babies I need to kiss in order to win this race, but I know what promises I can make to my family, friends and the blogging world.
Yes to 40 means:
  1. I promise not to let fear guide my decisions. Before making a decision, I’ll always ask myself, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?”
  2. I promise to take better care of myself. Eat heathy, exercise, get regular check ups and make every effort to reduce stress.
  3. I promise to be more active in the community. Volunteer, raise money for charities, become a mentor.
  4. I promise to care about the environment and do a better job recycling.
  5. I promise always to vote and to encourage my friends to vote. I can’t complain about government or taxes if I don’t vote. Municipal, provincial and federal elections. Always.
  6. I promise not to care about what two consenting adults do behind closed doors, or pass judgement on their love. If those adults are in love and want to get married I won’t stand in their way… and you don’t  have to worry about a slippery slope. If a man ever decides he wants to marry a turtle, I’ll be the first one to object. (Unless of course turtles can talk in the future. Then, this futuristic turtle can sit me down for a heart to heart and really explain his position. I’d have to listen then. So, I have a new promise. I promise to have an open mind when talking to turtles.)
  7. I promise not to be a bystander to injustice anywhere in the world. I promise to always speak up.
  8. I promise never to be too busy for my family.
  9. Finally, I promise to be a better blogger – To continue to work on my writing and share positive energy, knowledge and information with the world.
~ JFK ~
So there. That’s what another 40 years (+) would mean.
My birthday is drawing near. Soon I will join the ranks of the middle-aged.
But I’m joining with a plan.
And so, my fellow 40-year-olds or soon to be 40-year-olds, ask not what 40 can do for you, ask what you can do for 40.
My fellow citizens of the blogging world, ask not what the internet can do for you, ask how we can use your blogging skills to make the world a better place.


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