Dressing Your Age – What do I do with my jerseys?

I’m here to tell you that there is a time and place for this look.

I’m not too old to where a sports jersey… am I?

There is a special connection men have with their sports jerseys.  They remind us of a simpler time.

I remember making the baseball team when I was 10 and receiving my first ever real jersey. Not a t-shirt with a corporate sponsor logo on the front and a number on the back.  A real jersey, like the professionals wore. I still remember how it smelled, brand new and freshly pressed. I  would sleep in my jersey and watch games on TV with my jersey on. I felt special. It was special.

Now as a grown up, sports jerseys represent an allegiance to my favorite teams. I show my support wherever I go with one piece of clothing. How can I give that up?

I won’t, and I don’t think I have to.

This 40-something was able to pull it off.

There is a time and a place for a man over 40 to wear sports gear.

So today, I’d like to share with you a Project 40 guide to sports jerseys for men over 40.

The Essentials

Please note: any jersey you wear should have meaning to you. We are too old now to own random jerseys for teams or players we don’t follow. When asked on the street, “Hey nice jersey! So-and-so is having an excellent season.” You should be able to reply with relevant stats on that player and a poignant story about how you became a fan of that team.

As a sports fan you should have:

  • The jersey of your favorite NFL team (Miami Dolphins)
  • The jersey of your favorite MLB team (Toronto Blue Jays)
  • The jersey of your local professional soccer and basketball team (or your favorite Premier League team) – (Toronto FC, Toronto Raptors, Chelsea FC)
  • The local college football jersey or the football jersey of your alma matar (University of Michigan – it’s not my alma matar but I went to grad school in Windsor, so close enough)

If you are a Canadian you should have:

  • An Olympic Canada hockey jersey
  • A Toronto Maple Leafs jersey (or one of the other Canadian teams if your into that)
This is appropriate.

Where should you wear your jersey

  • The stadium on game day – home or away (make sure you show your colours on road trips, but be careful, some places are less welcoming than others.  I had a bad experience in Detroit at a Raptors/Pistons play-off game.)
  • The bar on game day
  • Your child’s sporting event
  • In or around the house
  • A road trip or camping with the boys
  • To the grocery store

Where shouldn’t you wear your jersey

  • Work
  • Parent/Teacher meetings
  • Dinner with the wife
  • Dinner with the in-laws
  • The doctor’s office dentist, any professional place of business really
Wrong team. Right idea.

Some final notes

  • Don’t wear a jersey without a shirt underneath it. I don’t know why, it just looks wrong.
  • Never wear your jersey with the matching shorts. At 6 this is super cute. At 40, well… what’s the most extreme opposite of super cute? It’s that.
  • Just like your dress shirts, the fit of your jersey is important. No one wants to see your belly poking out of a Tony Romo jersey. That look may work for an 18-year old girl but on you… just get one that fits.
Okay, there’s no defense for this. At least he’s wearing a shirt underneath, right?

So there it is, a simple, common sense guide to jersey’s for the over 40 man.

Really this guide is my way of justifying having so many jerseys in my closet. But I won’t get rid of them or stop wearing them. I don’t care how old I am.

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