Just a day in the life of a 39-year-old man

Trust me, it may look exciting but it really isn’t.

There’s a reason why there are very few movies and televisions shows about the lives of traders and investment bankers. The reality is, on a day-to-day basis it’s not exciting at all.

Let me share with you a typical day for me in pictures.

Begin the wake up process at 5am… hit the snooze button multiple times before finally deciding to get out of bed. Promise myself to call in sick one day next week.
Fully dressed, out the door and 87.5% committed to going to work today.
Okay, outside and ready for a brisk walk to the subway… 91% committed to showing up to work at this point…
Auberge du Pommier…  it makes me happy to walk by my favorite restaurant in Toronto every morning. That’s the great thing about living in the city. The best the city has to offer is right at your doorstep!
My ride to work. Good morning TTC!
100% committed to going to work now… the truth is, there’s no way of getting off this thing now, even if I wanted to. Another super comfortable ride on the subway!
Quick walk from the subway to the office… I have to be careful taking pictures beyond this point. This door opens up to a world of super secret banking stuff. The energy from the brain power alone may destroy my camera…
Here is where I sit for the next 12 hours… crunching numbers, reading documents, eating breakfast and lunch (Never dinner! I hate eating dinner at work, it’s depressing)… yes this is a glamorous life…
My trusty Bloomberg machine… I’m always reading and trying to stay informed. I read about 4 newspapers a day and I’m constantly talking to clients and colleagues about the market. That’s the part of the job that I love.
Lunch time!
Lunch at my desk… garden salad with turkey, diet Dr. Pepper and last night’s episode of The Daily Show
More number crunching, documents… etc, etc, etc…
Coffee time at Tim Horton’s… then back to the office for more of the numbers stuff and paper stuff…
I made it! It’s over… time to go home!
I try to walk a bit before going home… it eases the transition between work and family. Work can be stressful and I don’t want to take that stress home.
The end of another day. Now do you see what I mean? This would be the worst reality show ever. Could you ever imagine watching 12 episodes of “Real Lives of Canadian Bankers”?


  1. Life is never truly boring if you look at the details. Details are fascinating revelations all on their own. You directly experience a part of the pulse of the world that many do not. Few things are more emotionally volatile than the market! Any one of those could be the setting for a novel!

  2. Thanks for a peek at your life in photos (and captions). Gave me a chuckle. Loved the percentages of your commitment to going to work, moment by moment!

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m really happy you enjoyed this post and it made you laugh.

      Looking back at it now, it really is funny how routine my day is… I’ve done the exact same things today… I’ll even have the same lunch. Although now that I’m thinking of it, I really should change it up a little.

      Hope you stop by again!

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