MILK Shirts – Nothing Beats a Fresh Pressed White Shirt and Dark Blue Jeans

I’m fascinated by MILK Shirts (

I’ve spent about 45 minutes flipping through their website after discovering it on Twitter yesterday. It’s the idea for a company that I wish I had.

It’s so elegant in its simplicity. MILK makes white shirts. Hand crafted, high quality, white shirts.


Every man, especially, men our age should have a week’s supply of white shirts in the closet. It’s the foundation that a wardrobe is built on.

Tom Ford is the master of the white shirt. With a bow-tie, black tie or open shirt. The white shirt is at the core of his look.

For me… my favourite go-to look is a custom-made white shirt paired with dark blue, straight leg jeans and a blazer.

So clean. So easy.


      • I don’t… but I will get that up a running soon. Sometimes I put too much thought into these things.

        It took me a long time to figure out how to approach writing this blog and then how I wanted to use twitter.

        I love the look, feel and simplicity of tumblr, so I’ll be there for sure at some point. But I’d like it to enhance the Project 40 blog rather than become a destination instead of visiting the blog.

        Am I over-thinking it?

      • I don’t think you are overthinking it…I think…lol There are several ways to utilize tumblr. I just use mine as an art-supplement to the blog.

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