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As you know from my Fat and Forty post, my goal this year is to lose some weight.

So far it has been very challenging, but I have successfully lost almost 9 pounds so far. Even after my minor 1.0 pound set back following my vacation to Panama.

This is a success story because last year after coming home from an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana I gained 5.5 pounds.

So how did I manage to keep the pounds off this time?

Here are the lessons from my vacation:

1. Counting calories

On an all-inclusive vacation, alcohol calories are always worth it. If we are talking bang for your calorie buck, skip the second or third helpings at the buffet. Eat fruit for breakfast instead of the bacon, eggs and pancakes. But drinks poolside? You can’t cut there. You just can’t.

2. Load up on fruit

I love fruit and with Weight Watchers eating fruit is free. The program allows you to eat as much fruits and vegetables as you want without counting it towards your daily points total. So on vacation I filled up on wonderful tropical fruits for breakfast and lunch. Then enjoyed dinner guilt free.

3. Don’t worry too much. But don’t throw the plan out of the window.

Last year I looked at my vacation as a break from eating responsibly. I figured, how much can one week of eating anything I want really hurt me?  5.5 pounds! That’s how much! This time around I tried to stay responsible while still enjoying all of the good food on the resort. A small breakfast and lunch, followed by a great dinner. That strategy didn’t leave me feeling like I was denying myself of anything. I had the best of both worlds.

4. If you can pick up a touch of food poisoning on your last day…

I had the great misfortune of eating something that didn’t agree with me on the last day.  Some may call it “Montezuma’s Revenge”,  the “Aztec two-step” or “Delhi Belly”… I affectionately named the resulting disorder the “Panama Mud Slide”.  I don’t recommend food poisoning as a vacation weight management technique but I can’t deny it’s effectiveness.

So there it is. Enjoy your travels my friends. Next stop for me is Jamaica in a couple of weeks. However, this trip will prove more challenging. I love, love, love Jamaican food!

Wish me luck.

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