Best Wine Under $10

When I like something I really enjoy spreading the word to my friends.

Well, I’ve started to really enjoy Southern European red wines.  So much so that when I’m out at a restaurant, I’ll search for a new Spanish or Portuguese wine to experiment with.

It all started with an inexpensive bottle of Castano (Castano 2009 la Casona De Castno Monastell) that my boss recommended.  It sells for $8.75(CAD) per bottle, so take off Canadian taxes and shipping and I guess it would be about $0.45 in the United States. Maybe less depending on your State’s sales tax. Any way, it’s a full-bodied, rich, dark red with the earthy tones that make Spanish wine amazing.

It’s an excellent wine and for the price I always try to keep a bottle or two at home.

By the way, apparently 2009 was a great year for wines around the world. From what I understand the climate was perfect in all the wine regions for growing grapes. Keep this in mind the next time you’re choosing a wine.

Let me know if you have any recommendations for wines I should try… I really enjoy full-bodied reds.

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