Fat and Forty

Fat people are jolly.  I can say this definitively.

I can say this because I was a happier person before I started counting calories. Yes, one of my goals this year is to lose weight. But it sure is hard.

I remember the good old days… I could settle down with a full rack of ribs, french fries and a couple pints of beer. And it wouldn’t be unusual for me to enjoy a pound of wings and more beer as a second course.

I would eat it without any guilt.

Back then I had a high metabolism, so I could eat poorly and still stay slim. Then I turned 30 and a strange thing happened.

Ever so slowly I started to gain more weight.  I always thought I was too skinny anyway,  so the extra weight was welcome. It made me look better, I told myself. It filled out my face. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there. It also filled out my stomach. But I couldn’t stop.

You see, I love food. I really love food.

Once on a trip to Rome I was at a very nice restaurant eating an exquisite veal scallopini with a delicious bottle of wine. The veal was so good that after cleaning whatever morsels of gravy remained on the plate with bread, I ordered another plate as soon as the waitress returned to the table. She looked at me like I had two heads but she did bring me a second helping.

Isn’t it fun when you don’t have to care?

The seafood risotto that I fell in love with in Venice!

So it’s no surprise that by the time I was 37 I had a full-blown beer belly and  I could officially classify myself as chubby.

Chubby, but happy.

Sea Bass in Italy.

The care-free life had finally caught up to me and something had to be done. So, I’ve recently joined Weight Watchers with my wife. Unfortunately it’s taking the life out of me. My wife has had some real success. I’m struggling every day.

Yes, you can eat what you want on Weight Watchers. The program is very good and very flexible and I totally recommend it as a weight loss tool. But who wants just one beer or a couple of chicken wings?  I want to eat and drink and be merry! Feasting like a king! [Ha Ha Ha… picture me laughing in a deep James Earl Jones voice]

I miss that jolly fat guy. He was a lot of fun!

I’ve had success. So far I’ve lost 5 pounds in almost 4 weeks and that’s good. But staying on track and fighting the cravings is challenging.

With 40 right around the corner I know I can’t go back to the care-free eating days. I have to stay healthy so I can be around for my wife, my kids and someday my grandkids. So I’ll persevere, stay strong and just fondly reminisce, every once in a while, about the days when  two Whoppers would qualify as a fun snack.

Losing weight is hard.


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