Project Fragrance Upgrade


I’m a guy and in the past I have had a hard time calling whatever scent I’m wearing a fragrance. For sure I never wanted to call it a perfume but I wasn’t sure whether cologne is the correct term either. I’ve never really thought about it or asked questions really.  Cologne is cologne, right? As a young man I knew women like when men smell good. Being quite fond of women myself and wanting to attract them to me, fragrance, perfume, cologne, whatever you want to call it, was a necessity. When shopping I’ve always just gone to the department store fragrance section and bought whatever product had a recognizable designer name and smelled decent. When I stumbled on to Burberry Brit many years ago, I just stuck with it. When one bottle was getting low, I’d just pop out and buy a new one. Easy… in – out – done.

However, Burberry Brit has become stale to me. Since embarking on my personal journey to my 40th birthday, I’ve decided that my scent needs an upgrade. The refined gentleman that I want to become will be reflected in all aspects of my life down to the smallest detail. So today we discuss fragrance.

The personal fragrance I choose will be sophisticated, conservative and business like just like me. The plan is to choose two. One will be the work-week, young executive scent. Suitable for a power meeting or entertaining clients  over a cocktail. The other a more versatile downtown father of 2 fragrance. Good for an afternoon of shopping or a night out with the wife.

After testing a few different fragrances I realized I need a little more background on the subject. First of all, the 5 day a week scent has to be longer lasting. I want to smell the same in the evening as I did in the morning. Cologne is more diluted than perfume and has a lighter scent. Cologne normally lasts about two or three hours where as some perfumes pour homme (not sure if this is better than just calling it perfume) can last up to 15 hours. Thus, my business-like, conservative scent will likely be a perfume and the weekend scent will be a cologne.

Below I’ve selected my top four choices all well under $200. I’ll soon narrow this list down to two winners.

Polo Double Black Cologne by Ralph Lauren ($73)

Polo Double Black

Created by Ralph Lauren in 2006, this scent is a mixture of mango, pepper, roasted coffee, rich woods and nutmeg. Great smell and long-lasting. Reminds me of back in grade 7 when I first put on the original Polo cologne. I was a great smelling, awkward teen… good times.

Tom Ford Azure Lime ($190)

Tom Ford Azure Lime

Tom Ford is one of the most stylish men in the world and Azure Lime, is Tom Ford in a bottle. Light lime citrus, with notes of woody musk. This is one of the favorites to become my 5 day a week power executive scent.

Arquiste L’Etrog ($165)

Arquiste L'Etrog

I haven’t tried this one yet. I read about it in GQ and it’s supposed to be a gem.  It made my list on GQ’s recommendation alone and we’ll soon find out how good it is. I’ll keep you posted.

Diptyque Philosykos ($120)

Diptyque Philosykos

The odds on favorite to make it to the last two as the weekender scent. There’s coconut, there’s fig… it has everything… this is a fantastic scent that will be hard to beat.

So there’s my list. I welcome any recommendations you may have out there. I’m hoping to get my list down to the two winners very shortly. Wish me luck.


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