The Importance of a Hair Cut

Although cloths and shoes form the basis of your look, often forgotten by men is the importance of the hair cut. I’ve always felt that a fresh hair cut was important.  A nice cut can be a source of confidence because when you look good you feel good. I truly believe that.  I remember back in high school I’d get my hair cut twice a week – once at the beginning of the week and then right before the weekend.  Getting my hair cut before a big game or an exam was always one of the final steps in my preparation. Now I’m more a once a week or once every other week guy.  With the all important cut before a big meeting or business trip.

As we approach our middle age the question arises – is there an age limit to hairstyles? Once again I’ll say that your style is your personal choice, be it clothing or hair.  Age isn’t important in this case. It really is all about the cut that makes you look good.  But most important, the cut that makes you feel good. The hairstyle that fits your look and your lifestyle is the right hair cut for you.  Receding hair-line? Shave it bald… or don’t.  That’s a personal decision but maintaining your hair is still important. You’re a 50-year-old with a desire to get a faux hawk? Go for it, if it fits your life style and you can pull off the look.  Do it.

Hair is the only real maintenance a man has.  Invest in it.

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