• “If you work hard enough and assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires” ― Malcolm Gladwell

The Golden Decade

My 20’s were about discovering myself. My 30’s were about establishing myself … my 40’s and 50’s will be about achieving great success in all aspects of my life and establishing generational wealth.

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

I hope the ideas, images and discussions on this blog will help the readers trigger the thoughts, feelings and actions that will materialize success in their lives.

The Perfect Knot

      What does it mean when a man ties his tie correctly? Nothing really. It doesn’t make you stylish or cool. It won’t help you close that big deal or land a new job. I believe it’s just a life skill. Like being able to change a car tire. It’s just something you … Continue reading

Suit Inspiration

  Here is some fall suit inspiration courtesy of our friends at Bonobos. Enjoy!  

It’s Suit Season

That chill in the air may mean fall to you. But to me, it means it’s suit season and I’m in the market for some new suits. Is your fall wardrobe ready?        

Suits and Sneakers | Let’s get those shoes

  Great shoes. Low price. What more do I need to say? This is an exciting time for my shoe loving brothers. As of September 1st Benjamin Daedfyshe will be rebranded as NobleSole. To celebrate our footwear making friends are blowing out their remaining stock at up to 70% off. Plus they are offering free … Continue reading

All you really need is a haircut and lengendary shoes

Some may feel that it’s the clothes that make the man. I think it’s a haircut and a great pair of shoes. Everything else just falls into place. I’ve always felt that a fresh haircut was important.  A nice cut can be a source of confidence because when you look good you feel good. I truly … Continue reading

The Art of Basketball | The Love of Basketball

I’m posting this video for no other reason than I’m 42 years old today…. and I just want to. That’s all.  


Today is my birthday! I’m calling this my Jackie Robinson birthday. I’m not expecting to breakdown long-established barriers this year. But it would be nice if that happened. I’m not expecting to be the most influential or remarkable man of 2014/15. But I will become a better man this year. I’m not expecting to play pro baseball, … Continue reading